What is this blog about?

Okay, I admit it: I signed up for a blog because I needed a YouTube api key. I wasn’t sure what subdomain to choose, so I typed in my main interest, not expecting it to be available. And yet, there it was:, open and free. You can believe I snapped it up immediately.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting another blog that focused mainly on sexuality and gender issues, like Sue George’s Bisexuality & Beyond. I have been writing about these topics on my personal blog, but the posts are all mixed in with adult content. I’d like to give others a chance to read about sexuality without all of the sex. While bisexuality and sex might not seem mutually exclusive, the fact is, they are. They don’t go together like hand and glove. Bisexuality is a sexual orientation, not a kink. It would make as much sense to say heterosexuality is all about sex, sex, sex. We know there is much, much more to gender and sexual orientation.

I want to take this opportunity to let others get a candid look into my life as a bisexual. The more of us there are out there, talking about real issues and ideas, the more of a chance we have to change some of the misconceptions out there. We can make people think. If you have a blog that deals with these these and similar issues–no matter if you’re straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, intersexual, or anything else–and you want to join me, great! Drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll link to you. I’d love to post a review and put you in my blog roll. Let’s network, baby!

Here is what this blog is about: gender bending, bisexuality, pansexuality (hell, all kinds of sexuality), social interaction, gay issues and rights, relationships, and much more. What do I know about all of this? Am I some kind of expert? I’m a bisexual woman, and these are my views on the subject. I want those who are curious about bisexuality–and sexuality in general–to have the opportunity to see beyond the media hype and misconceptions. I don’t just mean those who are bi-curious, this includes everyone who wants to know what life is like for a real bisexual woman. For too long bisexuality has been dismissed as a stopping point on the way to homosexuality or a subgenre of lesbian and gay porn. Society’s impression of bisexual people needs a face lift. This blog is about bisexuality, revamped.

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