Welcoming a New Author

As you may have noticed, I’ve invited a new author to join this blog: cheerios. I’d capitalize that, but I’ll stick with the submissive lowercase he chose. He’ll be able to give a unique male perspective that I can’t provide, being female and all. Sue George’s blog, Bisexuality and Beyond, is the only other blog out there that’s a non-personal blog (and still the best, Sue!) specifically about bisexuality. If you’ve ever searched for relevant information about bisexuality in the blogosphere, you’ve come across her site. That’s how I came upon it, and as much as I adore her writing, I’m frustrated by the lack of bi-perspective I find on the internet. There are many, many resources and blogs out there about bisexuality—as an adjunct to homosexuality, almost a tagged-on afterthought. With Cheerios writing for the guys, and I for the girls, I hope we can shine a brighter light on bisexual experiences. So, welcome, stud!


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