Ambidextrous People More Likely to be Bisexual

This is old news, but still news to me: Ambidextrous people more likely to be bisexual, study says via ScrippsNews.

People who can write with both their right and left hands are more likely to be bisexual, new research has found.

For years, scientists have been fascinated by left-handed people, and a number of studies have suggested that southpaws are more likely to be homosexual, or to suffer from certain illnesses and disorders.

Not true, according to University of Guelph psychology professor Michael Peters. He and his colleagues found no differences in the health or sexual preferences of right-handed and left-handed people.

“In fact, they were remarkably similar to each other in all of the comparisons we looked at,” he said.

But those who were ambidextrous, at least when it came to writing, stood out.

Not only were they more likely to be bisexual, and to a lesser extent homosexual, they also reported suffering from asthma, hyperactivity and dyslexia more than individuals who were more definitive about which hand they prefer.

Left-handed men and women are slightly more likely to be bisexual, only differing by about a tenth of a percent. I’m one of those left-handed bisexual women. Any ambidextrous bisexuals out there?


6 thoughts on “Ambidextrous People More Likely to be Bisexual

  1. spiderkitten says:

    ha! i remember my mum painstakingly trying to wean me out of being ambidextrous. epic fail! 😀

  2. I’m not left handed but I am bisexual – I’m glad it’s not the acid test 😀 It is an interesting fact however. I’ll never look at the ambidextrous in quite the same way again!

  3. Matthew says:

    I am a bisexual man and I can draw with both hands. I can also write with both hands but my right hand is more dominant and I can write better with that hand. People have often commented that I am right and left brained. Very logical and very creative.

  4. Robert Dickerson says:

    I am ambidextrous and I am bisexual. married to a woman. Life is hard because of it at times people don’t understand how hard it is to thank like I do and not understand life the way other people do. School was bad for me. Did not come out with my sexuality to hear recently. I’m trying to become a artist now that I know I’m skilled at something less than 1% of the population can do. And did knot really know I could right and draw equally with both hands until this year I’m 27..

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